Whether you’re jumping off a plane, or rolling out of bed, it’s crucial to have a Me 2.0 Style wig readily available. A Me 2.0 Style is a wig that looks similar to your natural hairstyle. So, why does everyone need a Me 2.0 Style Wig?

Your Career

For your career it’s important to have a Me 2.0 Style readily available so you can always look like you came out of the salon. This is great for any last minute meeting, early meeting or if you just rolled off a plane. No matter what the meeting, it’s always important to be on your A-game. When you look professional and put together, you’ll have more confidence. When you have more confidence it’ll be easier to close deals.

Your Busy Life

Having a good Me 2.0 wig is a great way to always look like you came out of a salon even when you might not have all the time in the world. Maybe you’re heading to a dinner party or cocktail hour and don’t have time to get ready. Perhaps you have a hot date. Or you just want to look more together while at the grocery store. A Me 2.0 Style wig will help you look and feel like your normal self without worrying about your hair.

Choosing Your Me 2.0 Style

Here are three tips on choosing the right wig for your Me 2.0 style!

First you want to choose the right color. Don’t stress about the exact shade. If it is one shade lighter or darker than your natural color, that’s nothing to worry about. It will still look like you!

Second is the length. Don’t get anything too drastic of a change, or it will be noticeable. Find a length similar to how long your hair regularly is. If it’s slightly longer or slightly shorter you’ll be fine.

Finally, choose the style. Just like the color and cut, choose something similar to how you usually style your hair. When you think about your everyday look, what is that go to style?

Once you’ve chosen your wig, you’re ready for whatever life throws at you to always be on your A-game! A Me 2.0 style can turn in to a Me 3.0, or Me 3.5 or infinite combinations! Your style can be firm or fluid based on how many looks you can create for yourself with different types and styles of wigs. So make sure that you take the time to explore the real YOU 1.0!

Along with the right style, you want to make sure to select the right wig style that fits your needs. Read our blog about different wig caps to choose the best one. Then click here to start shopping!