I love a good story, I think we all do, it’s part of being human.  Whether it’s told in the form of a book, song, movie…a good story pulls the audience in and for that time, we become part of that story, emotionally invested in the characters and their situations.  Storytelling is a powerful form of communication, it allows us to make sense of a complex world.  Stories help us connect to an idea larger than ourselves and to a community experiencing the mutual connection.  Stories and storytellers are powerful in shaping our view of the world, others and ourselves.  I think the stories that move us the most, are about the best us humans have to offer the world.

I recently took on a challenge to write down the stories I tell myself.  Through that exercise I learned that I am a powerful storyteller. I also realized that I don’t always like the stories I tell myself.  Based on that experience I have started to dig a bit deeper into the stories I have created for myself.  My stories have the power to create a reality filled with, “I can’t, not for me, I’m not good enough, and not now”.  My stories have the power to create flaws on every part of my body and to confuse my smile lines with wrinkles.  It was a powerful exercise to realize that far too many of my stories didn’t help me expand in this world, but rather encouraged me to hunker down and play it safe.

So, I am writing a new book for myself.  This book will be filled with chapters about, “I will, that’s for me, I am good enough and bring it on”.  As I work on authoring my new stories, I realize that I cannot always choose my setting or the characters.  At times I am a character in someone else’s story with a plot I don’t appreciate.  But at the end of the day, we show up in life based on the stories we tell ourselves.  This is why it so important to figure out what stories we are telling ourselves and to make sure our book is about the best we have to offer the world.  It’s good to know that we are the most powerful storytellers in our own lives, it’s even better to know that we have the power to re-write our stories.   Here is your opportunity to re-write your stories…Rip up the stories that don’t serve you and write your true story.  You deserve that story; the world deserves that story!  Believe me, you are magnificent in it.

Check out the stories of amazing women just like you in the beautiful book, Who Am I Now? , by author Isabel Banerjee.   I would love to hear your thoughts on my contribution titled, “Unapologetically Beautiful”.  Also, check out great interviews and conversations with the video Sofa Series.  Most importantly, join the conversation, your fierceness is needed!