One of the best features of our ready-to-wear hair is that styling is such a minimal part of it!  The wigs are designed to maintain their style wear after wear and wash after wash. It makes it so easy to have the look you love at your fingertips.

When you wash your synthetic wig, you will have to do nothing to get the curl, wave or sleekness to come back after washing. You have minimal styling requirements when it comes to getting the look you love. It is so wonderful to have that look at your fingertips whenever you want it.

There are a few important rules for keeping your wig style looking beautiful.  

  • Use shampoo, conditioner and styling products formulated for synthetic wigs like we offer at Woman In Disguise
  • Let her air dry on w wig stand not a mannequin head
  • Don’t wash her after every wear
  • Be gentle to not pull or tug at the hair fibers

It only takes minutes to wash your wig and when she dries she will be ready-to-wear!