I tell my friends that I feel like we are in a time warp.  It’s as if time is simultaneously standing still and flying by.  I wonder how I will get through a single day and the next thing I know the week is gone!  I would like to use a time warp as the excuse for why my last note to you was in March.  Looking into time warps, I learned they are only a hypothetical distortion of time, so the gap, well it’s all on me.  The last time I reached out, I wrote about my challenges and lessons learned from having quarantine imposed quiet time.  It is fair to say that I have a whole new set of lessons learned and challenges since March!

I’ll be honest, I am nervous to reach back out to you.  It’s like when I am apprehensive to reach out to someone who has experienced a loss.  I talk myself out of it, not sure if I will say the wrong thing, letting a voice of insecurity trump my voice of connection and compassion.  Then the longer it goes, the harder it is to do.  Is it crazy to think I am not alone in this thinking pattern?

Well, it’s that thinking pattern that stopped me from picking up my digital pen and writing you this note.  Knowing that we are in crazy times and everyone is experiencing some type of loss, I let my voice of insecurity trump my voice of connection and compassion.  Over these few months I have learned even more about myself and I am guessing the same is true for you.   One of my biggest lessons learned is that my business, Woman In Disguise, was not bringing me joy.  I started Woman In Disguise because I discovered my capital “B” unshakable Beauty.  I learned the power of being able to connect to that part of my essence, my soul or as I like to call it, my I Am.  I wanted to bottle that for other women.  I wanted to make it easy for other women to experience their Beauty.  I wanted to dance around a fire, free of our beauty wounds and be wild in our love for ourselves…Okay, I still want to do that part!

What I realize now is that I can’t make it easy…But more importantly I have learned I can make it possible.  With that clarity, my voice of connection and compassion kicked insecurities ass.  So here I Am.

I look forward to our dance around the fire!