The Pink Wig Experience

I am so excited to post my first blog and to officially launch Woman In Disguise.  I have been creating this moment in my head for over three years and it feels amazing to see it become a reality.  Believe it or not, this venture started after trying on a pink wig at my girlfriend’s house.

I had no idea that this simple act would lead me on such an amazing journey…. At the time I was a female executive and its fair to say my job was demanding on my time, my energy and to a certain degree my soul.   When not on a plane or in a different time zone I was trying to be a mom and also a wife in a new marriage.  In general, I was a bit overwhelmed by life. Ladies, you know what it’s like to balance what life throws at us, focused on keeping our heads up and feet moving forward. I don’t know about you, but when I am in that place there’s no room to feel sassy, beautiful or fun.  I was reunited with a part of myself that night, a very important part. I remembered that I am sassy, beautiful and fun. I became obsessed with wigs that night. I discovered the joy of having my perfect hair at my fingertips, especially handy for “those roll off the international flight straight to the meeting days”! I experienced the joy switching up my look…longer, shorter, red head or brunette. I loved surprising my husband and friends with new and different looks.

What I didn’t like was the intimidating and impersonal retail experience. I was disappointed in the quality from on-line shopping. Somehow what I thought I was getting is never what showed up. So, armed with my passion for wigging out and the lack of a compelling on-line experience I started Woman In Disguise. We provide you with a selection of high-quality synthetic like-real wigs. We offer styles for real-life in gorgeous colors. We help you find your perfect style and wear her with confidence. We want to make it fun and easy to find ready-to-wear hair that makes you look and feel beautiful.

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