Square Face Shape Hairstyles

Understanding your face shape can you help you choose the best hairstyles, eyewear and makeup to compliment your features. Knowing your face shape helps you create balance and proportion by working with your features. It’s never about hiding or changing your perfectly shaped face…it’s about having fun and playing with different elements to bring out the best of your beautiful features.

A Square Face Shape is balanced in terms of the length and width. Your forehead, cheeks and jaw about the same distance apart and you have strong jawline. Your strong angles let you play with techniques that bring round and soft elements to your face.

Check out these square face shaped celebrities for some great style ideas and inspiration:
Demi Moore, Rhianna, Natalie Portman

Hairstyle Tips:
Styles with soft layers work great along with face framing layers. You can go very long and very short, just think about soft layers and even a side swept bang. Just below the jaw length bobs look beautiful as well. Check out our styles Envy, Poise and Effortless.

Eyewear Tips:
Try glasses that are round or oval shape to soften the angles of your face. Thin frames and neutral colors can help your face appear thinner and softer.

Make-Up Tips:
Go with a bold lip, you choose the color, but bolder is better to draw attention from your jawline to your beautiful lips. Also, use bronzer in the hollow of your cheeks

Eyebrow Tips:
A brow with a rounded arch looks great. Experiment with brow gel and powder to darken and shape your brow.

Highlighting Tips:
Highlight with a “C” shape going from your temple to your cheekbones. Add a highlighter to your cupids bow and the tip of your nose.

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