I read an article recently that talked about when childhood ends. The time when we move from building forts to making plans. When we start to care more about what others think than what brings us joy. I connected with the sentiments in that article, both as a mother watching my kids grow and as an adult who still recalls the joy of blanket forts and make-believe. It made me think about what I really enjoyed as a kid.

I loved my birthday, I couldn’t wait to get older! I loved filling my bed with stuffed animals and dolls, I never slept alone. I loved building forts, but I loved tree houses even more. I loved raking the fall leaves and jumping in the pile for hours. But what I liked most about being a kid was the general state of silliness. I think about how much time we spent as kids laughing or trying to make others laugh. Making up jokes, putting on plays, dressing up, tickle battles, being crazy and not being afraid to stand out for a good laugh. I am happy to say that I am still silly. I love to act dorky, make weird noises and do crazy dance moves. My kids capture a lot of this silliness on their phones. My daughter will ask me if she can post it. I always tell her yes, because I am proud that I still have room for silliness in my life. But most importantly, I want my daughter to make room for silliness in her life. So, as we go about making our plans let’s remember to schedule in some silliness.