Rectangle Face Shape Hairstyles

Understanding your face shape can you help you choose the best hairstyles, eyewear and makeup to compliment your features. Knowing your face shape helps you create balance and proportion by working with your features. It’s never about hiding or changing your perfectly shaped face…it’s about having fun and playing with different elements to bring out the best of your beautiful features.

A Rectangle Face Shape is longer than it is wide and has an angular jawline. Playing with techniques to bring softness to your face and look gorgeous.

Check out these rectangle face shaped celebrities for some great style ideas and inspiration: Sandra Bullock, Lucy Liu, Meryl Streep

Hairstyle Tips:
Styles with soft layers work great along with face framing layers. Try styles that add volume between your temple and cheekbones. A side swept or wispy bang is more complimentary than a blunt thick bang. Short hair that is clean cut on the sides with a wispy side swept bang looks great.

Eyewear Tips:
Try glasses with frames that have more depth than width. Try frames with decorative elements or bold colors at the temples.

Make-Up Tips:
Try a cat-eye liner, the wing will help your eyes look bigger and wider. Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Eyebrow Tips:
A brow that extends out towards your temple works great. Experiment with brow gel and powder to darken, lengthen and shape your brow.

Highlighting Tips:
Highlight on the top of your cheekbones to shimmer.

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