A lot of times women are intimidated by the idea of putting on a wig. The first thing you need to know is that putting on a wig is one of the easiest things you can do. My rule of thumb is that after three times you’re a pro and three times is truly all it takes. This is a really, really easy thing to learn and there are just four basic steps that I think of when putting on my wig.

  1. First, place the front hairline of the wig in the middle of your forehead, about an inch below your natural hairline.  Don’t worry that is below your natural hairline, we are going to adjust the front hairline last.
  2. Next, you are going to find the “tabs”, which are located near the temple area.  I call them “tabs” because they are thicker and have a slight stiffness to them. The tabs are useful to adjust the wig so it is not crooked.  The tabs should be in the same place on each side of your head, in the area between your temple and ear. I also have a great technique for using the tabs for an extra secure fit.
  3. After adjusting the tabs you will secure the wig in the back by pulling it down to just blow your back hairline. Your wig is designed to fit the shape of your head and you will fill when it’s in the right place.
  4. Last step is to revisit the front hairline.  This is where you can adjust the wig hairline just below your natural hairline.  Something you can do with a wig that you can’t do with your hair is change where you place the front hairline.  Don’t be afraid to try different placements. For example, I wear styles that don’t have bangs a little lower because I like the appearance of a smaller forehead.

After your wig is in place, you can style it to your liking.  If you have a monofilament cap or a front lace, you can really play with styling. If you are not what lace front or monofilament mean check out our Blog that explains those terms here (insert blog link).That’s how simple it is. I can guarantee after three times you will be a total Wig Out Expert.