This week I have been thinking a lot about how I perceive things and how those perceptions shape my beliefs.  I have been on a journey to understand my spirituality and what that means to me. As part of this journey I have started to explore my perceptions and my beliefs related to God, Spirit, the Divine, Universe or whatever word you choose.  An amazing exercise has been to view various photos and to journal about what they say to me spiritually, how do I see God in a given photo. The photos have ranged from brilliant moonscapes and stars to cluttered desks and unkempt people.  The more fantastic and pleasing pictures made it easy for me to see something spiritual in them. But a cluttered desk or a person sloppily dressed looking dazed and confused? Well, I had to put more effort into those. After some contemplation, it made me realize that my perceptions often limit my view and skew my vision.  My limited view effected what I believed.  I realized that I had developed a belief that the messy stuff in life didn’t encompass the Divine.

I think as women, we skew our vision when it comes to beauty. We often have a brilliant picture in mind when we think about beauty. Majestic waterfalls, sunset skies and yes those beautiful faces in magazines.  So when we see a picture less majestic, less brilliant and less photo shopped, we question the beauty of the picture.  Let’s face it ladies, we don’t always glow like a sunset and we certainly can’t photo shop our lives. So where do we fit in our perceptions of beauty? When we look in the mirror, what picture do we see? I realized after looking at the cluttered desk that I did see the Divine in that picture. Because life can be messy, disheveled and not perfectly in place doesn’t mean that it’s any less Divine.  So ask yourself, how does your perception of beauty shape your belief on what you think about your beauty?  Because I can tell you, that when we look in the mirror and what we see is not perfect and is slightly disheveled, we should be able to clearly see our beauty. When we don’t, I think we should gaze lovingly at our reflection and allow our vision to adjust.  I believe that we are all beautiful.  Here’s to you beautiful!