I love the holidays.  The holiday season gives me an opportunity to dress up, sparkle and shine from my toes to my wig.  It also gives me the excuse to get into the kitchen to explore and create with food.

In the United States, 93% of Americans bake during the holidays with 61% baking three or more batches at a time.  I can smell the sugar cookies and pumpkin pie now!  All that baking and cooking means a lot of heat is pumping in the kitchen.  Heat is great for our cooking, but it’s not a good ingredient for our wigs.  I want to make sure that you look as good as you cook so follow these tips for cooking with your ready-to-wear hair.

When cooking with the oven, like all those cookies you’re planning on, make sure when you open the oven that you allow the heat to totally dissipate. You never want to open the oven and dive right in. Not only is it bad for your hair, it’s bad for your skin, eyes, and if you wear glasses, they’re going to fog up so fast you won’t be able to see a thing! Another way to care for your hair when cooking in the oven is after the heat dissipates, use your oven mitts to pull the bake goods out and examine the progress on the stove top. This way you’re never sticking your head of beautiful hair into the hot oven.

When cooking on the stove top, you’re going to be fine for the most part as long as there is no open flame. The stove top typically doesn’t get that hot. Your hair is not going to be affected by the heat so you can look salon fabulous the whole time you’re cooking.

If you like to cook on the grill, you may want to wait to put her on until after the food is cooked and ready. Even when you open the lid, the heat never fully dissipates. A grill always tend to stay very hot, and once again to care for your hair you want to keep her away from heat as much as possible.

So there you go, simple tips to keep your wig as delectable as your meals.  If you have a great recipe please share, I am always looking for new ways to spice it up.