I am not motivated right now…to do anything…including writing this blog!  This is actually unlike me; I tend to be a highly motivated person.  What do us highly motivated people do when our motivation tank is on empty?  I have been sitting with that question and I wanted to share my plan of attack with you.

  1. Don’t Resist It – I have spent days trying to get motivated which has left me more frustrated and no more motivated. I decided that I needed to sit with the discomfort of being unmotivated.  By accepting it we acknowledge where we are at and the present moment and in that acceptance, we can recognize that it will change…because everything always does.
  2. Prioritize – Reflect on what’s most important and put those things first. When we don’t get done what we had hoped to get done, don’t just move it to tomorrows list.  Make sure it is a real priority.  If not, put it on the nice to do.
  3. Dance Party – Do a two-song dance party. Nothing quite gets me smiling like letting loose to fun music.  Dance like no one is watching or like everyone is watching, depending on which one makes you happier.
  4. Count Down – I love Mel Robbins’ 5 Second Rule. It’s simple, when you don’t want to do what you need to do, count to 5 and do it.  It’s amazing how it works!
  5. Embrace the “D” Word – The word discipline has a hard edge to it, it sounds punitive to the ear and demanding. Motivation on the other hand sounds light and energized, it feels good.  Even though it feels good, in reality, it’s not what fuels us through life.  When we are honest with ourselves it is our discipline that makes most of our life happen.  Re-frame our relationship with discipline and it will lessen our dependence on motivation.
  6. Be Kind – For the most part I am disciplined and I tend to get what counts done. I am guessing you can make the same claim.  We need to be kind to ourselves and not take away from what we have accomplished simply because we didn’t have the motivation juice flowing.

Whatever you have in store for your day I hope you feel motivated, but if not dip into that discipline tank and get it done.  If you are feeling motivated, still do the dance party!!!