Natural Looking Wigs – Don’t Settle for Anything Less!

The number one question I get asked from my first-time clients is, “Will people know I have a wig on, will my wig look natural?” The easy answer is it depends on the quality of wig you are wearing. If it’s from Woman In Disguise, believe me you will be wearing a natural looking wig.

Let’s talk about that question and look at it from a couple different angles.

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Why Natural Looking Synthetic Wigs are Superior

There is a misperception that only real hair wigs look natural and that is not the case. High-quality synthetic wigs look and feel like real hair. They have added extra benefit of the hair fibers having bounce back capability so they maintain their curl, wave, or sleekness wear after wear and wash after wash. You will not get that with a real hair wig which will requiring styling after every wash. Check out our Wig Out 101 on synthetic versus real hair.

A key aspect in looking natural in your wig is to get what I call your Me 2.0 Style. Your Me 2.0 closely resembles your daily style and daily color. Notice I did not say perfect match, because lets face it ladies our natural hair from day to day is not a perfect match! Focus on similar length and features such as bangs and layers first and then focus on getting a similar color shade. Don’t be afraid to play with the texture of the hair, such as adding wave or going super sleek straight. I want to encourage you to try a style that pushes your comfort zone. It is transformative about giving ourselves permission to create and explore with how we look. Please consider trying a style that is about making you feel beautiful.

Natural Looking Wigs Make You Feel Beautiful

The most important factor of a natural looking wig is about how you feel. When we feel beautiful and natural that’s what other people see in us. It’s one of the reasons I love wigs so much, because they help me see my beauty in any hair color and style. Whether you choose your Me2.0 style or your fantasy style, own it and be the woman you want to be. That’s not always easy but it’s worth it! When trying a new style or color try finding it interesting. I also have a few tricks to build confidence for your first public appearance. Remember, feeling natural is the biggest part of looking natural in your wig!