I love shooting videos for our Woman In Disguise You Tube Channel.  It gives me a chance to try on lots of  hairstyles and play.  For the videos I shoot, I do research hoping I can share fun and useful information.  What I often find with my research is that there is no shortage of thoughts, opinions, and recommendations when it comes to women and our appearance.  For our Face Shape Video Series I was surprised by some of the recommendations I found for determining a face shape, including using a tape measure to actually measure my facial dimensions!  Other articles used terms like, “never” or “always” to refer to the list of do’s and don’ts dictated by the shape of our face.  Women are often fed these strict rules and definitions of what qualifies as beautiful and we are continually told what we need to do in order to be beautiful.  But I believe that beauty does not have absolutes, beauty is not about do’s and don’ts.  Beauty is about how we feel.  Beauty should be fun and creative.  It is about expressing who we are on the inside with what we do on the outside.  Beauty is not about changing who we are but rather stepping into who we are.

After my research I came up with my own Face Shape Rules that I would like to share:

  • There is not a good, bad, right, or wrong face shape. Your face shape is perfectly you!
  • Understanding your face shape is not about hiding or changing anything. It’s supposed to be a fun way to understand what hairstyles and make up elements accentuate your already beautiful features.
  • There are no absolutes when it comes to beauty because beauty comes from the inside. Please, ditch the measuring tape!
  • If you feel great about how you look, you look great. Period!!!

I think it’s important for women to broaden our apertures on what is beautiful.  To give ourselves the opportunity to express what’s on the inside with what we put on the outside.  That’s why I love wearing wigs so much.  It’s a true transformation to look in the mirror, see something different, and love what you see.  Ladies, beauty is a powerful experience.  I encourage you to throw out the old beauty rule book, put on your wig, look in the mirror and experience your beauty.  You deserve to love to your reflection.