In my last dance lesson we literally just walked. I took step after step for one hour.  Dancing, like most things in life, comes to mastering the basics. The basic of all basics is taking one step that leads to the next step.  When you can master that basic, well then you can start to do some pretty amazing dancing. There is a running joke at our studio that after all the time and lessons we are still learning to walk.  It was on my outdoor walk (yep, more steps!) that I realized I had a different take away from my hour of step after step. I know I evolve and change, but I like it when I catch a glimpse of it consciously and get to enjoy the making of an a-ha moment myself.

I realize I have shifted my dancing from the mindset of, after all this effort I am still  learning to walk to how do I get the most out of each step I take. As I took each step in class I tried to go as slow as I could.  I wanted to feel my foot connected to the ground. I wanted to experience precisely where I was weighted on my foot. I wanted to take in how the weighting felt in my ankle, my leg, my spine and core…I wanted to feel the connection throughout my entire body.  Freeing myself from both the memory of the last step and the expectation of the next step, I got to be in the current step. I was able to savor the moments within the step. Being in that step allowed me to adjust, explore and create in the moment. I understand now that each step is its own dance and when I connect those little dances it is an amazing feeling!  

I realized my evolution is broader than my dancing.  I have a desire to be in the moment, to experience life fully, to let go of the past and simply be open to the future free of expectation.  Like in dancing, every step is not perfect. Life is made up of all kinds of steps…happy, sad, joyful, pain filled, but it doesn’t diminish my desire to be present for each step.  It’s those little connected steps in life that make up the dance and I want to savor each one.  

Check out a fun practice to learn to savor the small moments in life here.

If you are interested in dancing and live in Phoenix, check out EuroRhythm Dance Studio.  They are my second family!