When women start to explore looking for wigs, they will see the terms lace front and monofilament and then confusion kicks in.  I want to break it down for you because it’s really pretty easy. At Woman In Disguise we explain the wig cap structure for every style offered so you know what elements your wig cap contains.

So here are the basics of a lace front and monofilament wig cap.

  • Lace Front:  The purpose of a lace front wig cap is to look just like your natural hairline. The hair is in the lace front cap like our hair is in our scalp. This achieved by each strand of hair being hand placed in a lace like material at the front hairline area.   Some wig caps extend the lace into the partline. This provides a great natural looking hairline with the illusion of seeing your scalp. A lace front wig gives you styling flexibility because you are able to style your wig off your face, including using a clip to pin the hair back.  Our Essential Wig Cap offers a lace front and our Essential Plus Wig Cap offers the lace front and the lace part line. 
  • Monofilament: This is the same concept as lace front but the lace material is throughout the crown of the wig cap.  This extends the hand placed hair in a much larger area of the wig cap. This provides the flexibility to change the direction of the hair throughout that area allowing, for example, to change which side you place you part on.  Or try out a middle part! That’s the flexibility you get with a monofilament wig cap. Our Supreme Wig Cap offers the monofilament feature.  Our Ultimate Wig Cap features both the lace front and monofilament feature.

There are your quick and easy definitions of lace front and monofilament.  All of our wig caps are designed for comfort and beauty.  Our lace front wigs and monofilament wigs offer styling options that give you additional styling flexibility.