The idea of grit is incredibly relevant right now.  Every aspect of our lives is being tossed around.  We are all trying to find the path to a new normal or at least a temporary new normal.  All of a sudden we are learning that our habits are not unflappable, our mindfulness is shakable, and our addiction to social media is real.  Everything we thought we had figured out may actually still be a work in progress. This is where the grit factor comes into play.  This is when we decide if we are giving in or if we continue to pursue our long term goals with passion and perseverance.

I first learned about grit when I heard  Angela Duckworth on my favorite podcast episodes of all time.  The episode is called Success on the TED Radio Hour podcast.  Angela’s personal story is intriguing and her work on understanding what leads to success in any given area of life is pretty amazing.  Her work concluded that one of the most significant predictors of success is grit…not education, not looks, not socio-economic standing…but plain old grit.  She goes on to define grit as, “the disposition to pursue very long term goals with passion and perseverance.” Grit is not for the faint of heart, grit is about stamina and understanding the difference between running a marathon and sprinting down the block.  This gritty success theory levels the playing field out a bit. If we are willing to pursue our long term goals with passion and perseverance we create a significant opportunity to experience success.  

It is going to take a lot of grit, as individuals and a community,  to successfully get through the pandemic. Amid all the chaos let’s play the grit game.  Let’s continue to pursue our lives with passion and perseverance.  Let’s practice being who we want to be regardless of the circumstances that surround us.  I know it’s not easy, but with the right amount of grit I know we can do it.  Check this out to see where you fall on the Grit Scale.