The most important aspect of getting comfortable and confident wearing wigs has to do with you!

Get Comfortable & Confident Wearing Wigs ~ Go With The “That’s Interesting” Perspective

Many times you are your biggest critic. You want to be comfortable & confident when wearing your wig. When trying on a new style, we can be overly critical of ourselves. Instead of instantly deciding what you don’t like, a fun thing to do in any situation in life is to say “that’s interesting”. Look at yourself in the mirror and realize how interesting your new look might be – not just to yourself, but to others in your life as well.

From there, it’s important not to be negative. Instead of being negative, think about what you may want to be different. Focus on the difference versus negativity and try on something with more elements of what you like.

Perhaps you’ve decided on adding more color. Maybe the difference you want is for a longer style than you’re used to. Thinking about the difference you want versus the negative thoughts of what you see is a great tactic to use when trying on a new wig, and living life happier!

Taking a look at new things with the interesting perspective is great when you’re not sure about something new. The key is to actually take that leap, and TRY something different. Don’t be afraid to ‘fail’ or try on something you may or may not like because that’s part of the process!

Going Out In Public For The First Time Tips

Making a public appearance for the first time with your new wig can make you a little nervous. Here are a few tips to build that confidence to go out in public for the first time.

You can start by wearing your wig around the house. As you move around doing chores or whatever you do at home, it’s good to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror to get used to how you look. Shake your head around with the wig on and try different poses, or looks. Mimic things that you typically will do out in the world, such as taking on and off jackets or coats, reaching for the seatbelt, carrying bags, etc. Doing this helps you feel more comfortable in your look, and secure that your wig will stay secure despite any physical duress it may be subject to. Each time you practice, double check the hairpiece from multiple angles to ensure that it’s lying naturally. Continue to do so until you feel comfortable and confident to take her out in public.

Eventually, you’ll want to get other people’s opinions to assuage any fears you may have about your look from an external perspective. One option is to try it out in a public place where you won’t run into anyone you know. Another great tip is to schedule a small outing with your close friends. A short, fun lunch where you’re surrounded by positive support is a great way to feel relaxed in your new look. Soon, you’ll feel confident enough to rock your wig everywhere you go.

You Can Do It!

Always remember that if you feel great in your new look, that will shine through. Have fun with your new look and remember you don’t have to live with it for months. If you change your mind you can try a new style or color. Wigs allow you to mix it up with no growing out or recoloring required! Start searching for your new favorite style here.

How have you helped yourself in the past to get comfortable with new a look? Let us know in the comments below!

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