Choose the right wig cap

In addition to choosing a great style and color for your ready-to-wear hair, it’s equally as important to select the right wig cap. The cap is the part of the wig that’s actually on your head and that the hair is attached to. Finding the right wig cap is critical to ensure you are comfortable in your wig. At Woman in Disguise we only offer high quality and comfortable wig caps that are meant to give you a confident fit and breathability. Your decision is to choose the wig cap that meets your style flexibility preferences.

So, how do you determine which wig cap is right for you?

The Effortless

The Effortless wig cap is truly effortless which means the hair will fall exactly the same way every time you wear her. This wig cap is made of soft and comfortable materials so that it doesn’t cause any discomfort while it’s on your head.

The Essential

The Essential wig cap is like our Effortless cap, in that it’s made soft material. It has comfortable, breathable wefting that allows air to flow through the cap so it stays feeling fresh all day. This wig cap’s front is made from hand-strung lace. A hand-strung lace front gives you a great natural looking hairline, and it doesn’t cause any discomfort while you wear her.

The Essentials Plus

The Essentials Plus gives you the beautiful look with a lace front that provides a natural looking hairline. While similar to our Essential cap, what makes this the Plus is that you also get that hand strung area that gives you a very natural looking part through the part line.

The Ultimate

The Ultimate Wig Cap structure really matters for two primary reasons.

First reason is comfort. The Ultimate Wig Cap has a very nice soft top, and it is machine wefted. At Woman in Disguise, we only offer wig caps that use soft materials and wefting which gives you breathability and keeps you cooler. This wig cap also provides maximum styling flexibility.

Second reason is its structure has a beautiful lace front hairline, which looks like a natural hairline. The Ultimate Wig Cap also has a mono top which means you can put the part wherever you want to. It’s hand strung, and meant to look like a real natural hairline. This gives you flexibility to pull the bangs back, or put them to one side or the other. Part where you’d like and then the rest of the hair blends in and meets with the mono top.

Every cap is great in their own way!

All our wig caps are adjustable so you can find the best fit for your head, and you can adjust if one day you need it a bit looser and the next day a bit tighter.

Woman In Disguise does the first step for you by only offering high quality and comfortable wig caps. Now you can feel confident choosing the right wig cap for your styling preferences. Have more questions? Contact us to help make your wig buying experience more satisfying or click here to start shopping.