I have a confession to make.  Sometimes I fake it.  I must admit that the idea of “faking it” rubs me the wrong way.  It seems disingenuous and insincere. I like to think of myself as authentic and real.  But as illogical as it may sound, I have learned that if I strive to be authentic, I need to fake it at times.

Merriam Webster provides the definition of authentic as: real or genuine: not copied or false: true and accurate. True to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.  Roget’s International Thesaurus offers the adjectives of novel, original, creative, and revolutionary to describe authentic.  Let those words sink in…Authenticity is not a passive pursuit. To be authentic we must push past our boundaries, seek out growth and change to move forward.  Authenticity is a revolution! Being authentic takes work.   On best of days that can be a tall order and on tough days it can seem daunting.

Honestly there are days when I don’t feel equipped to handle the journey of authenticity, I don’t feel up to the revolution.  It can be the lack of energy, self-belief or skills.  Regardless of my mindset, I need to show up and do life.  So sometimes I just have to fake it.  I need to put my big girl panties on and show up the best I can.  My head is telling me I am not novel, creative or being true to my own spirit.  My mind tells me I am a fake.

I am here to tell you the mind is wrong.  I have learned on my journey that faking it is not the same as being fake.  A necessary part of pushing past our boundaries is stepping into new territory.  To move forward we have to jump in and go like we know what we are doing.  We have to tell ourselves we can do it, then we fake it ‘til we make it.  Faking it is about taking risks and being willing to fail in order to grow and evolve.  Being fake is about staying in our comfort zones and pretending we are on the journey of authenticity.  In other words, sometimes we have to fake it to keep it real.  So be willing to fake it and enjoy the revolution!