Comfortable Wigs – Why They Are Important to Feeling Beautiful

Ladies, part of looking beautiful is being comfortable. Finding a comfortable wig is as important as finding a wig that looks great. At Woman In Disguise we offer only high-quality comfortable wigs that are designed to look and feel great. The key elements of comfort are wig cap design and materials, coolness and sizing.

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Wig Cap Design is Critical for a Comfortable Wig

The wig cap is the structure that actually fits on your head and has the hair attached to it. If you have ever worn a Halloween costume wig you may recall how it didn’t contour your head shape and may have easily moved on your head and you had to use a tighten and squeeze approach to get it to stay in place. A high-quality comfortable wig is designed to contour your head, using the design to help the wig fit securely and comfortably on your head. Proper design hugs the contours of your head and alleviates uncomfortable pressure points and pulling. Wig cap design also determines the styling flexibility of a wig style. Check out our blog to learn more or our video on comfortable wigs.

Wig Cap Materials are Just as Important for a Comfortable Wig

Materials used in the wig cap are absolutely critical when it comes to a comfortable wig. Our high-quality wigs use materials that intended to be soft enough to wear on your bare skin. Low quality wigs that use materials that are rough and plastic feeling can irritate your scalp and skin. These materials are not only uncomfortable against your skin they are hot! Watch our Wig Cap video and learn more.

Coolness – Comfortable Wigs Breathe

Being hot is one the biggest comfort concerns I hear from my clients. Our high-quality wigs offer design elements and material construction that’s intended to maximize coolness. Design and material elements provide breath-ability which is key to having a cool and comfortable wig to wear. I get asked if it is hot to wear a wig and my answer is that is depends on the quality of wig you get. Our Wig Out 101 video goes into more detail.

Sizing – A Comfortable Wig is Sized Correctly

All of our wigs offer a sizing system which allows you to get the just perfect balance between a secure and comfortable fit. Buying a wig without a sizing system is like buying a one-size fits all pair of shoes. Small adjustments in the sizing can make a big difference in fit. You should feel comfortable adjusting the sizing system because it easy to do and can make such a difference in how a wig feels. You can find out more about sizing your wig in our Wig Out 101 video.