Date Night Check List

I believe in the power of Date Nights.  I think it’s vital to carve out time for the sole purpose of connecting with our special honey.  With our busy lives that is easier said than done.  There is the logistics side of the equation, prioritizing Date Night above the other competing priorities, which can be challenging.  Once you get that side of the equation completed I think it is equally challenging to be in the moment and actually connect with our partner.  Clearing our minds tends to be far more difficult than clearing our calendars.  My husband and I have had some crash and burn Date Nights and but most are wonderful and reinvigorating.  Despite our crash and burn dates we continue to plan our Date Nights.  As Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” (didn’t expect a hockey quote did you?).   In the process I have learned some Date Night logistics tips that I hope you find helpful:

  • Be realistic about what you can commit to. There is not a right frequency, activity, duration to make a good Date Night.  We tried planning something every week and we ended up having more crashes than connection.
  • Share the role of planning Date Night, we try to alternate.
  • Set up some guidelines of what makes a Date Night. Change the guidelines when they don’t work.
  • Put it on the calendar, both work and personal, and treat it as a priority appointment, because it is.

Dealing with the logistics is required, but a Date Night is more than planning.  Connecting to each other is key, without connection it’s not Date Night.  I believe this can be the most challenging part, being in the moment, not thinking about email, tomorrow’s details, and all the other distractions we can conjure up.  I have an amazingly simple but effective answer for that dilemma.  Dress the part.  Don’t go on Date Night dressed as the busy, over-scheduled, buzzing brain woman you spend so much time being.  Step out of that role and dress as the beautiful, vivacious, fun, Date Night loving woman you are.  For me dressing the part means picking out that blouse I love but never wear, a slightly higher heel, and yes that damn my hair looks good wig.  I will tell you what ladies, there is nothing quite like donning a new hairstyle to help you step into your Date Night self.  With the right hair you will walk different, you will talk different and you will radiate.  You will open yourself up to connecting because you will be confident and vulnerable at the same time.  With the simple act of putting on your wig you have given yourself permission to be in the moment.  When you dress the part, you give yourself the chance to be the part.  So, go ahead get Date Night on the calendar and don’t be afraid to Wig Out!

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Perfect Recipe For A Delish Style

I love the holidays.  The holiday season gives me an opportunity to dress up, sparkle and shine from my toes to my wig.  It also gives me the excuse to get into the kitchen to explore and create with food.

In the United States, 93% of Americans bake during the holidays with 61% baking three or more batches at a time.  I can smell the sugar cookies and pumpkin pie now!  All that baking and cooking means a lot of heat is pumping in the kitchen.  Heat is great for our cooking, but it’s not a good ingredient for our wigs.  I want to make sure that you look as good as you cook so follow these tips for cooking with your ready-to-wear hair.

When cooking with the oven, like all those cookies you’re planning on, make sure when you open the oven that you allow the heat to totally dissipate. You never want to open the oven and dive right in. Not only is it bad for your hair, it’s bad for your skin, eyes, and if you wear glasses, they’re going to fog up so fast you won’t be able to see a thing! Another way to care for your hair when cooking in the oven is after the heat dissipates, use your oven mitts to pull the bake goods out and examine the progress on the stove top. This way you’re never sticking your head of beautiful hair into the hot oven.

When cooking on the stove top, you’re going to be fine for the most part as long as there is no open flame. The stove top typically doesn’t get that hot. Your hair is not going to be affected by the heat so you can look salon fabulous the whole time you’re cooking.

If you like to cook on the grill, you may want to wait to put her on until after the food is cooked and ready. Even when you open the lid, the heat never fully dissipates. A grill always tend to stay very hot, and once again to care for your hair you want to keep her away from heat as much as possible.

So there you go, simple tips to keep your wig as delectable as your meals.  If you have a great recipe please share, I am always looking for new ways to spice it up.

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The Power of Gratitude

November is a great month to dive into gratitude.  Being the month of Thanksgiving, it already provides us a day to be grateful with and for family, friends and delicious food.  I think it is fair to assume that most of us don’t limit being grateful to a single day of the year.  I also think it is fair to assume that we don’t always think of gratitude as a daily practice that that can impact our overall health and well-being.  Well, think again!  I would love to kick off the month of November with a deeper look at gratitude and by encouraging us to actively bring gratitude into our daily lives.

The study of gratitude is fairly new, with that being said you can do some pretty in-depth reading on the subject.  You can read about different definitions of gratitude.  Is it an emotion, a value, a concept, a biological attribute, a skill?  There is the discussion of the origin of gratitude.  Is it nature, nurture or both? How do both the individual and the societal factors affect gratitude?  What about the benefits of gratitude for the both the individual and society?  Lastly, how do we practice gratitude?  These are great questions and fortunately there are smart people thinking gratitude and doing great research to further our understanding.  I encourage you to take a look at The Science of Gratitude White Paper and see what the research is revealing about the power of gratitude.

I found my way to that paper because I have become increasingly interested in gratitude.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by wise, kind, and happy people in my life.  Even though they have diverse careers, interests, backgrounds, and experiences they do share a common attribute of practicing gratitude.  I am not talking about the drive by the fender bender and think to myself, “I am so grateful that was not me” form of gratitude.  I am talking about actively seeking and finding gratitude in the people, world and experiences that surround us.  So being a person that takes note of what works, I have jumped into this gratitude thing.  Here are the lessons I have learned so far:

  1. Small Stuff Counts – Sometimes it feels like gratitude is a lofty ideal and we need to be equally profound in our gratitude. It’s ok to be grateful for the cup of coffee, how much you love your new shoes, or that it’s a perfect temperature outside.
  2. Stuck Think Luck – In the beginning I heard myself thinking in terms of feeling lucky quite often. I re-framed that I thought to being grateful instead.  Try it out, there is a difference between feeling lucky and being grateful.
  3. Schedule It – It truly makes a difference in my day to set aside time to be grateful. I like to start each day writing in my gratitude journal.  I also carve out time in my walks to think about what I am grateful for right then.  Often times, it includes being on the walk!
  4. Challenge Yourself – Gratitude is a bit easier to practice when we are talking about the good stuff. And we should be grateful for the good stuff.  I encourage you to find gratitude in the tough stuff too.  Not that we need to be grateful for a traumatic or negative experience, but are there aspects of that experience that we can be grateful for? I find this to be a worthy chat to have with myself.
  5. Being Matters – A big a-ha for me was to start to understand the difference between feeling grateful and being grateful. Being is transformative, it changes me. Feeling is temporal, I remain unchanged after the feeling is gone.  Play with that idea and see what it brings you.

Of all the practices I partake in for my health and well-being gratitude is at the top of my list.  There are no special shoes or equipment needed.  I can do it anywhere.  There are no downsides or injuries.  I can do it alone or with others.  It is absolutely free.  Most importantly, when I am grateful, I have no wants, no regrets, no fear…for those precious minutes I am complete.

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Stop The Negative Thought Tsunami!

For the month of October we are talking about self-expression and how it relates to us feeling beautiful.  There are so many ways we express ourselves, it can be through our clothes, shoes and our wigs.  I believe we all have the desire to show our unique selves to the world.  But when we put ourselves out there it can be a bit scary.


It’s the yo-yo effect of I want to be noticed and please don’t notice me.  Let’s face it, putting ourselves out there to be seen can bring some discomfort with it.  I often experience that feeling when I try new styles and want to share some techniques I use to quiet my voice of discomfort.  

Before I offer a style in our on-line shop I test her out, which means I get a lot of opportunities to try a variety of hairstyles and colors. I do this to make sure that we have natural looking wigs that are comfortable and meet our quality standards.  In addition, I want to make sure our styles are flattering and give you a great style at your fingertips. So yes, I wear every style and that is not always easy for me. Last week I was really excited about trying a new lovely style we will be offering soon.  But when I put the long curly ‘do on my head, wow, did I have a really uncomfortable reaction to how I looked. As soon as I saw my reflection all kinds of voices started to go off in my head. I put her on and this little voice came up and said, “You do not look good and waves and curls…you can not wear waves and curls.”   (I hear that voice quite often about waves and curls, not sure where it came from but it’s been there awhile.) That first negative thought started the voices on the color, length, and about every other aspect of my reflection. My head tsunami was in full force! 

Luckily, over the years I have learned some great techniques to calm those very annoying voices.  The first thing I do is to stop the tsunami in my head, I took control of my brain. A strong and forceful “STOP” to myself moves me from Negative Nelly autopilot to remembering that I control my thoughts.  Once I stop all the chatter I refrain from making judgments, rather I just try to notice things about the style.  I remove the pressure from deciding if I like it, look good, look horrible…I don’t need to make any of those judgments.  From that vantage point I can appreciate what the style has to offer.  Then I give myself permission to explore and play. So I pulled her back with a clip, played with the curl, and styled her differently. All the time refraining from making judgments.  I gave myself time to see my reflection and adjust to the length, color and curl. Not only could I appreciate the beauty of the style but I started to appreciate what I liked about the style for me.  

It’s a powerful experience to step back, refrain from judgement and to see ourselves differently.   Our brains are wired to resist change and keep us safe from judgement. In a weird form of self-defense we are our own worst critics, choosing to judge ourselves more harshly than any other critic possible could.  Our own judgement has us step away from mixing things up…it takes the girlhood joy out of dressing up. Rather than keeping us safe, our internal critic keeps us stagnant. While our brains may be wired to resist change I believe our souls are meant to evolve.  Evolution requires self-compassion rather than judgement. Every time I wear one of my wigs I practice self-compassion. I get to quiet the voices of judgment, give myself a chance to appreciate my reflection, wear the curls and smile. Give yourself the chance to see yourself differently.  You will be surprised how beautiful you look.

Let me know how you quiet your Negative Nelly voice.  I would love to hear from you!

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It’s Self-Expression Month!

I love the month of October because it is Halloween month.  Halloween gives us adults an opportunity to play dress up and be creative.  It got me thinking about what draws us into the Halloween spirit and I think it has a lot to do with our desire to express ourselves freely.

With that in mind, I thought it’d be fun to spend the month talking about self-expression. Everything from why it’s important to our sense of self, different ways to do it and ideas to foster our self-expression.  

Of course, for me, one of the ways that I have always loved to express myself is with my hair.  Which is one of the reasons I love wigs so much. I can totally change up how I feel when I change up how I look.  I also love that I can make really big changes with no long term commitment! Often I will pick a wig based on my outfit and what look I want to achieve. Like a little black bob with my little black dress.  Many times though I pick a hairstyle to go with how I’m feeling that day. Sometimes that expression is all for me, there are days when I put on one of my styles with no plans to leave the house. It is about dressing the part for me, expressing to myself how I want to live in a given day.  I have some wigs that have never been worn outside my own four walls, they are for me to look in the mirror and see a part of myself that I don’t always spend enough time with. I still have a pink wig for this purpose – that is my “I will pursue my passion today” wig.

If you think about it, there are tons of easy ways to express ourselves. Clothes are a great way to express ourselves.  Like my love of t-shirts with expressions, or my hot pink shoes. When I have on an outfit that really speaks to who I am, I feel more confident and energized.  I also like to have clothes that flex with my moods. Some days I look like a hiker granola girl and other days I am looking ready for the boardroom. As women, I think it’s easy for us to lose ourselves when we are so focused on everyone else.  I encourage you to take some time to add the distinctly you to your outfit. Or find that wig, pair of shoes, dress or whatever that never leaves your house, but is all about you feeling you and expressing you.  

In October we will explore all different types of self-expression. Join our FB community where we’re going to do some additional, more deep dive self-expression work. I would love to hear how you express yourself and pop your thoughts into the comments and let’s have fun this month!

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Comfortable Wigs

Comfort matters when it comes to your wig as much as it counts for your shoes. Quality is a key factor to comfort. At Woman In Disguise we select wigs that are high quality and are designed to be comfortable.

Cheaper wigs that are typically used for a party or costumes tend to be hot, itchy, and unbreathable due to the low quality materials used in the hair and wig cap.  Party costume wigs are meant to be worn for a couple of hours and then stored away until the next party. But Woman in Disguise wigs are designed to be worn all day and every day.  The reason they are so comfortable is that they are made of high-quality soft materials. They are all about breathability and they also have independent sizing mechanisms, so you can get it to fit your head every day in just the perfect way. Between all of those elements, you truly do get a really comfortable wear.

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Putting On A Wig

A lot of times women are intimidated by the idea of putting on a wig. The first thing you need to know is that putting on a wig is one of the easiest things you can do. My rule of thumb is that after three times you’re a pro and three times is truly all it takes. This is a really, really easy thing to learn and there are just four basic steps that I think of when putting on my wig.

  1. First, place the front hairline of the wig in the middle of your forehead, about an inch below your natural hairline.  Don’t worry that is below your natural hairline, we are going to adjust the front hairline last.
  2. Next, you are going to find the “tabs”, which are located near the temple area.  I call them “tabs” because they are thicker and have a slight stiffness to them. The tabs are useful to adjust the wig so it is not crooked.  The tabs should be in the same place on each side of your head, in the area between your temple and ear. I also have a great technique for using the tabs for an extra secure fit.
  3. After adjusting the tabs you will secure the wig in the back by pulling it down to just blow your back hairline. Your wig is designed to fit the shape of your head and you will fill when it’s in the right place.
  4. Last step is to revisit the front hairline.  This is where you can adjust the wig hairline just below your natural hairline.  Something you can do with a wig that you can’t do with your hair is change where you place the front hairline.  Don’t be afraid to try different placements. For example, I wear styles that don’t have bangs a little lower because I like the appearance of a smaller forehead.

After your wig is in place, you can style it to your liking.  If you have a monofilament cap or a front lace, you can really play with styling. If you are not what lace front or monofilament mean check out our Blog that explains those terms here (insert blog link).That’s how simple it is. I can guarantee after three times you will be a total Wig Out Expert.

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Washing and Styling Your Wig

One of the best features of our ready-to-wear hair is that styling is such a minimal part of it!  The wigs are designed to maintain their style wear after wear and wash after wash. It makes it so easy to have the look you love at your fingertips.

When you wash your synthetic wig, you will have to do nothing to get the curl, wave or sleekness to come back after washing. You have minimal styling requirements when it comes to getting the look you love. It is so wonderful to have that look at your fingertips whenever you want it.

There are a few important rules for keeping your wig style looking beautiful.  

  • Use shampoo, conditioner and styling products formulated for synthetic wigs like we offer at Woman In Disguise
  • Let her air dry on w wig stand not a mannequin head
  • Don’t wash her after every wear
  • Be gentle to not pull or tug at the hair fibers

It only takes minutes to wash your wig and when she dries she will be ready-to-wear! 

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Natural Looking Wigs

A natural looking wig is a must! One of the questions I get most is, “Do I need a real hair wig to have the hair look natural?”.  The answer is absolutely not. I love synthetic wigs and I want to assure you that when you get the right quality synthetic wig, like the wigs we offer at Woman in Disguise, the hair not only looks completely natural, it also feels natural. 

When people hear the word synthetic, a lot of women will think about Halloween wigs.  The wigs you buy from costume shops feel plastic on your head and look very shiny. That is not at all what we are talking about with our synthetic wigs at Women in Disguise.   The high-quality synthetic offered at Woman In Disguise looks and feels like real hair.  Most of my clients are shocked that they can’t tell the difference between synthetic hair and real hair wigs.  The natural look not only comes from the beautiful like real hair but also how it is attached to the wig cap.  The hair is designed to lay and flow like our hair adding to the natural look and feel.  Design features like a lace front wigs and monofilament wigs give you additional natural styling flexibility.  Our synthetic ready-to-wear hair gives you the ability to have your perfect style in minutes and it will always look beautiful and natural.

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Lace Front and Monofilament Defined

When women start to explore looking for wigs, they will see the terms lace front and monofilament and then confusion kicks in.  I want to break it down for you because it’s really pretty easy. At Woman In Disguise we explain the wig cap structure for every style offered so you know what elements your wig cap contains.

So here are the basics of a lace front and monofilament wig cap.

  • Lace Front:  The purpose of a lace front wig cap is to look just like your natural hairline. The hair is in the lace front cap like our hair is in our scalp. This achieved by each strand of hair being hand placed in a lace like material at the front hairline area.   Some wig caps extend the lace into the partline. This provides a great natural looking hairline with the illusion of seeing your scalp. A lace front wig gives you styling flexibility because you are able to style your wig off your face, including using a clip to pin the hair back.  Our Essential Wig Cap offers a lace front and our Essential Plus Wig Cap offers the lace front and the lace part line. 
  • Monofilament: This is the same concept as lace front but the lace material is throughout the crown of the wig cap.  This extends the hand placed hair in a much larger area of the wig cap. This provides the flexibility to change the direction of the hair throughout that area allowing, for example, to change which side you place you part on.  Or try out a middle part! That’s the flexibility you get with a monofilament wig cap. Our Supreme Wig Cap offers the monofilament feature.  Our Ultimate Wig Cap features both the lace front and monofilament feature.

There are your quick and easy definitions of lace front and monofilament.  All of our wig caps are designed for comfort and beauty.  Our lace front wigs and monofilament wigs offer styling options that give you additional styling flexibility.


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