What Hairstyle Is Best For Your Face Shape

Hairstyles and face shapes


What Hairstyle Is Best For Your Face Shape

We all want a hairstyle that looks great on us. A big factor in finding a great style is choosing one that complements the shape of our face. There are hairstyles that are best for different face shapes. Just like choosing the right wig color, choosing the right wig for your face shapes will achieve a flattering look. While it is true that no two faces are the same, our faces do come in similar shapes.

Don’t know how to determine your face shape and aren’t sure which styles are best for it? Here’s a list of the primary face shapes to help take the guesswork out of buying the right wigs, extensions, and hairpieces for your face shape.

Heart shaped face:


A heart-shaped face is one that tends to be wider in the forehead and eyes, and then gets narrower around the cheek and chin. Some celebrities that have heart-shaped faces are Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry. Having a heart-shape face will give you lots of flexibility in terms of hairstyles. Bobs look really great with this facial shape, especially ones that cut slightly longer than the chin line. Adding volume to the top of an up-do is also a great way to soften your facial features. The key is to play around and find a style you feel confident in and if you have a heart- shaped face you have the ability to play.

Round shaped face:


A round face shape is as long as it is wide, and people with this face shape have really soft features, so no sharp jaw line. Celebrities who have round face shapes are Queen Latifah, Mila Kunis, Katie Couric, and Adele. The goal of your hairstyle is to compliment your face and avoid making it look rounder. Long hair with thin loose curls look great, tight curls don’t really work well with this face shape. You can also pull off short cuts with volume on top.

Rectangular shaped face:


A rectangular shape face is slightly longer than wide, and tends to have an angular jaw line. Similar to an oval shape which is longer, but a less angular jaw line. Celebrities with a rectangular shape include Sandra Bullock, or Lucy Liu. Highlighting gives you an opportunity to make your face look a little rounder and soften the angles. If you do bangs, try to stay away from really blunt thick bangs with a rectangular face. A wispy, side swept style would work best. Short hair is a total DO with a rectangular face, especially close on the sides, and then a long, long wispy front.

Oval shaped face:

People with oval face shapes are really lucky because they get a lot of options in terms of hairstyles that look great on them. Now remember, no person is perfectly oval, perfectly square or round, you’re a little bit of a mix and you’re perfectly you, however you have a defined “oval face shape” if your forehead is wider than your chin and you angle inward slightly, and if you tend to be longer than you are wide. Celebrities that have oval face shapes are Julianne Moore, Oprah, and Jamie Lee Curtis. As you know they wear their hair very differently! You can wear your hair long with layers, medium length, or short pixie cuts when you have this face shape. Something that you can do with a wig that you can’t do with your natural hair, is make your face length shorter by playing with the hair line. The key is to find the style that makes you the most comfortable and confident!

In Conclusion:

None of us are perfectly one shape and we can have characteristics of more than one face shape. Use the face shape as a guide and choose a wig that you like. Remember that we are trying to change or hide our face shape, we are complementing it by using our hair to bring contrast to our appearance. You can use your hairstyle to visually lengthen or shorten, widen or narrow, minimize or reveal particular parts of your face. For more tips, and tricks regarding wigs and style – make sure to subscribe to our YouTube page today!

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To Buy Synthetic or a Real Hair Wig- What You Need To Consider

To Buy Synthetic or a Real Hair Wig- What You Need To Consider

wigs, real hair, synthetic hair

How to choose between a real or synthetic hair wigs.

If you’re trying to decide whether to buy synthetic or a year hair wig, here are some things you need to consider. Both styles are great, however one style may be better for you and your lifestyle.

Synthetic Wigs:

Synthetic hair wigs can easily look beautiful and natural with no effort. The major benefit to synthetic wigs is that they travel wonderfully. You can put them in a suitcase or a travel bag, and they are going to maintain their shape. They are very low maintenance wigs. Whatever style they come in is the style they stay throughout their usage life. I love synthetic wigs which is why we focus on offering you high quality, like-real synthetic wigs.

Synthetic Wig Pros are:

Easy Care: Because synthetic wigs have something called “style retention” they rarely have to be styled. You typically simply wash, dry and then shake them out, and the wig will return to its initial style.
Large Color Selection: The sky is the limit where colors are concerned. You can choose from an array of natural colors, as well as several fantasy colors.
Cost: Synthetic wigs are relatively inexpensive compared to their real hair counterparts.
Natural Looking: It is very difficult to tell the difference between a high quality synthetic wig and a human hair wig.

Synthetic Wig Cons are:

Shine: Some budget or economy synthetic wigs (typically those under $100) may have an unnatural shine. Luckily, at Women in Disguise we only have high quality synthetic wigs.
Longevity: To get the longest life from your synthetic wig it is critical to care for her properly. Care mishaps like applying heat via blow drying or curling will ruin your wig.
Less Versatility: It’s not as easy to straighten or curl synthetic wigs with heated styling tools unless it is a specifically designed “heat friendly” version. Even heat friendly synthetic wigs will not restyle like real hair wigs.
Cannot Change Color: Re-coloring will not work on synthetic wigs as traditional hair color does not adhere to the fibers.

Real Hair Wigs:

Unlike synthetic wigs, you can style and apply heat to real hair wigs. At Woman in Disguise we use high quality real hair that is healthy, so that you can choose to style in whatever way you like.

That being said, real hair wigs will come looking like your natural hair does, and like natural hair they require more maintenance than synthetic pre-styled wigs. If you’re someone who likes to change the style of your hair often then a real hair wig may be for you! A high-quality real hair wig is a significant investment which is why we offer real hair options through our custom order process. If you want more information please contact us here.

Real Hair Wig Pros are:

Adaptability: Human hair wigs can be straightened or curled whenever you want, just like your own hair.  I recommend that you do not color your real hair wig. The hair has been processed and you cannot predict how the hair will color.
Naturalness: Human hair wigs are going to look and feel completely natural.
Durability: High quality human hair wigs cared for properly can last for years.
Texture: Human hair wigs come in the same variety of textures as real hair: curly, natural, thin, thick, straight, wavy, etc. If you choose a human hair wig, you’ll almost always be able to find something that matches your natural hair.

Real Hair Wig Cons are:

Styling: Human hair wigs can be hard work to maintain. They take effort and skill to style.
Upkeep: Like with natural hair, these wigs need to be washed, conditioned and restyled regularly to maintain their natural luster.
Environment: Human hair wigs will respond to humidity and other environmental elements like our real hair.
Cost: Because they’re made from real human hair, these wigs will be more than the cost of a synthetic wig. Length is one of the key factors of cost.
Delicate: Human hair wigs incur damage from brushing, washing, teasing, heat application, etc. Proper care is important including using care products formulated for wigs.

So, which type of wig is best for you? Hopefully some of these tips have helped you make an informed decision regarding which wig is best for you to purchase a real hair wig or synthetic hair wig! Let me know in the comments below and then start shopping!

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