This is a fresh experience.

The Pink Wig Experience

Believe it or not, this venture started after trying on a pink wig at my girlfriend’s house… I had no idea that this simple act would lead me on such an amazing journey…. At the time I was an executive and its fair to say my job was demanding on my time, my energy and to a certain degree my soul.


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Risky Business

The other day I overheard a woman make the statement, “I risked it all”. It caught my attention and my imagination. What did this person, shopping in the same grocery store as me, looking at the same containers of yogurt, do to risk it all? Had she walked away from a life of leisure to move to Timbuktu to find herself? Had she put all her life savings into her big idea? Did she put her physical safety on the line to complete a grueling challenge? She walked away having selected her yogurt, continuing her phone conversation and I never got the answer.


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Seriously Silly

I read an article recently that talked about when childhood ends. The time when we move from building forts to making plans. When we start to care more about what others think than what brings us joy. I connected with the sentiments in that article, both as a mother watching my kids grow and as an adult who still recalls the joy of blanket forts and make-believe. It made me think about what I really enjoyed as a kid.


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