How To Get Comfortable & Confident Wearing Wigs

The most important aspect of getting comfortable and confident wearing wigs has to do with you! Get Comfortable & Confident Wearing Wigs ~ Go With The “That’s Interesting” Perspective Many times you are your biggest critic. You want to be comfortable & confident when wearing your wig. When trying on a [...]

Why Everyone Needs A Me 2.0 Style Wig

Whether you’re jumping off a plane, or rolling out of bed, it’s crucial to have a Me 2.0 Style wig readily available. A Me 2.0 Style is a wig that looks similar to your natural hairstyle. So, why does everyone need a Me 2.0 Style Wig? Your Career For your career it’s important [...]

What Hairstyle Is Best For Your Face Shape

We all want a hairstyle that looks great on us. A big factor in finding a great style is choosing one that complements the shape of our face. There are hairstyles that are best for different face shapes. Just like choosing the right wig color, choosing the right wig for your face shapes will achieve [...]

How To Choose The Right Wig Cap

Choose the right wig cap In addition to choosing a great style and color for your ready-to-wear hair, it’s equally as important to select the right wig cap. The cap is the part of the wig that’s actually on your head and that the hair is attached to. Finding the right wig cap is critical [...]

To Buy Synthetic or a Real Hair Wig- What You Need To Consider

If you’re trying to decide whether to buy synthetic or a year hair wig, here are some things you need to consider. Both styles are great, however one style may be better for you and your lifestyle. Synthetic Wigs: Synthetic hair wigs can easily look beautiful and natural with no effort. The major benefit to [...]

The Pink Wig Experience

Believe it or not, this venture started after trying on a pink wig at my girlfriend’s house… I had no idea that this simple act would lead me on such an amazing journey…. At the time I was an executive and its fair to say my job was demanding on my time, my energy and [...]

Risky Business

The other day I overheard a woman make the statement, “I risked it all”. It caught my attention and my imagination. What did this person, shopping in the same grocery store as me, looking at the same containers of yogurt, do to risk it all? Had she walked away from a life of leisure to [...]

Seriously Silly

I read an article recently that talked about when childhood ends. The time when we move from building forts to making plans. When we start to care more about what others think than what brings us joy. I connected with the sentiments in that article, both as a mother watching my kids grow and as [...]

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