Faking It

I have a confession to make.  Sometimes I fake it.  I must admit that the idea of “faking it” rubs me the wrong way.  It seems disingenuous and insincere. I like to think of myself as authentic and real.  But as illogical as it may sound, I have learned that if I strive to [...]

A New Routine For Mistakes

Lately, I’ve been thinking about mistakes.  It’s a relevant topic for me since I am learning new dance routines!  Believe me, making mistakes is not new to me.  I make mistakes of varying size and consequence on a consistent basis.  And I must say that I am good at deconstructing my mistakes, attempting to [...]

Resolution Crisis

This past year is the first time in a long time, that I have not accomplished my committed New Year Resolution.  This year I had set my eyes on completing a 100-mile ultra-run.  A few months into training, my body let me know that was not in the cards for me.  Eventually I made [...]

Risky Business

The other day I overheard a woman make the statement, “I risked it all”.  It caught my attention and my imagination. What did this person, shopping in the same grocery store as me, looking at the same containers of yogurt, do to risk it all?  Had she walked away from a life of leisure [...]

What’s Your Story?

I love a good story, I think we all do, it’s part of being human.  Whether it’s told in the form of a book, song, movie…a good story pulls the audience in and for that time, we become part of that story, emotionally invested in the characters and their situations.  Storytelling is a powerful [...]

Measuring Up

I love shooting videos for our Woman In Disguise You Tube Channel.  It gives me a chance to try on lots of  hairstyles and play.  For the videos I shoot, I do research hoping I can share fun and useful information.  What I often find with my research is that there is no shortage [...]

Date Night Check List

I believe in the power of Date Nights.  I think it’s vital to carve out time for the sole purpose of connecting with our special honey.  With our busy lives that is easier said than done.  There is the logistics side of the equation, prioritizing Date Night above the other competing priorities, which can [...]

In Defense of Beauty

I have an uncomfortable relationship with beauty.  For me, and I think for many women, beauty is a loaded word.  As women, we get mixed messages about beauty.  If we care too much about our appearance, we are vain, if we don’t care enough, we are lazy.  As we age the messages only become [...]

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