Putting On A Wig

A lot of times women are intimidated by the idea of putting on a wig. The first thing you need to know is that putting on a wig is one of the easiest things you can do. My rule of thumb is that after three times you’re a pro and three times is truly [...]

Washing and Styling Your Wig

One of the best features of our ready-to-wear hair is that styling is such a minimal part of it!  The wigs are designed to maintain their style wear after wear and wash after wash. It makes it so easy to have the look you love at your fingertips. When you wash your [...]

Natural Looking Wigs

A natural looking wig is a must! One of the questions I get most is, "Do I need a real hair wig to have the hair look natural?".  The answer is absolutely not. I love synthetic wigs and I want to assure you that when you get the right quality synthetic wig, like the [...]

Lace Front and Monofilament Defined

When women start to explore looking for wigs, they will see the terms lace front and monofilament and then confusion kicks in.  I want to break it down for you because it's really pretty easy. At Woman In Disguise we explain the wig cap structure for every style offered so you know what elements [...]

Care Tips For Wig Longevity

Care Tips For Wig Longevity When you find that look you love, you want to know the right care tips for wig longevity. Luckily, caring for your synthetic wig is extremely easy! Washing First, you want to make sure that you're not washing her after every use. Judge it the way you judge your own [...]

How To Get Comfortable & Confident Wearing Wigs

The most important aspect of getting comfortable and confident wearing wigs has to do with you! Get Comfortable & Confident Wearing Wigs ~ Go With The “That’s Interesting” Perspective Many times you are your biggest critic. You want to be comfortable & confident when wearing your wig. When trying on a [...]

Why Everyone Needs A Me 2.0 Style Wig

Whether you’re jumping off a plane, or rolling out of bed, it’s crucial to have a Me 2.0 Style wig readily available. A Me 2.0 Style is a wig that looks similar to your natural hairstyle. So, why does everyone need a Me 2.0 Style Wig? Your Career For your career it’s important [...]

What Hairstyle Is Best For Your Face Shape

We all want a hairstyle that looks great on us. A big factor in finding a great style is choosing one that complements the shape of our face. There are hairstyles that are best for different face shapes. Just like choosing the right wig color, choosing the right wig for your face shapes will achieve [...]

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