Overcome Your Motivation Gap

I am not motivated right now…to do anything…including writing this blog!  This is actually unlike me; I tend to be a highly motivated person.  What do us highly motivated people do when our motivation tank is on empty?  I have been sitting with that question and I wanted to share my plan of attack [...]

The What If Game…

I am a pretty good player of the "What If" game.  I have a feeling you may know the game as well.  The idea of the game is that we think of trying something new or different and we ask ourselves, "what if"? The game goes something like this: Scenario - Considering taking a [...]

Time Warp

I tell my friends that I feel like we are in a time warp.  It's as if time is simultaneously standing still and flying by.  I wonder how I will get through a single day and the next thing I know the week is gone!  I would like to use a time warp as [...]

Quiet Is Tough

I heard a really intriguing quote this week.   I think if I had heard it a month ago, it may have gone unnoticed by me. I guess timing is everything.  Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician, had the following to say, “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a [...]

My Problem With Gratitude

I have been on a journey.  After finding myself disappearing for years, I have been on a journey to me.  I have been fortunate to meet amazing people who have helped guide me on my path.  One of the people that I am most fortunate to have met is Amanda Petersen.  She helped me [...]

It’s Time For Grit

The idea of grit is incredibly relevant right now.  Every aspect of our lives is being tossed around.  We are all trying to find the path to a new normal or at least a temporary new normal.  All of a sudden we are learning that our habits are not unflappable, our mindfulness is shakable, [...]

Learning To Walk

In my last dance lesson we literally just walked. I took step after step for one hour.  Dancing, like most things in life, comes to mastering the basics. The basic of all basics is taking one step that leads to the next step.  When you can master that basic, well then you can start [...]

My Body Is a-Changin’

This last week I have been getting a lot of running “memories” via my Facebook feed.  I love to see the pictures of my past running events and the amazing time spent with friends throwing down miles and creating memories.  What I also noticed in those pictures was my body. I realized how much [...]

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