Lee Woodward

Lee Woodward, Founder and CEO of Woman In Disguise. Photo by Linda Kazares.

Ladies, we want to feel beautiful. Beauty is a powerful force in the world. I believe that when we look in the mirror and don’t see our beauty, we deplete our power.

I have an uncomfortable relationship with beauty. I was 7-years old, standing in a ballet class when I saw my reflection in the mirror and decided I was not beautiful. I carried that burden and fought that battle for many years. I’ve denied my beauty throughout my life for various reasons, perhaps a number on a scale, an acne mark on my face and a myriad of other excuses. Eventually, I came to a level of self-acceptance and self-love in my life.

Imagine my surprise when at forty-something years old, the beauty truce I had made was upended. It’s even crazier that it was upended by trying on a pink wig! The moment I placed that feathery pink wig on my head I was transformed. I felt exhilarated and magnetic. I did not walk around that party, I sashayed! The next day I couldn’t stop thinking about the experience and I was in awe of how powerful it was. What was it about that vibrant pink hairdo that was so transforming? I had an important discovery in that moment. I realized the experience was so powerful because I felt beautiful. I let go of insecurities and owned my beauty by sashaying around in my pink feathery hairdo. It’s fair to say that I became obsessed with wigs that day. More importantly, I recognized that I deserve to feel beautiful.

I believe that every woman deserves to see her beauty. That’s what Woman In Disguise is about. It’s about giving ourselves permission to play, explore and create. It’s about rediscovering that we are beautiful.

Are you ready to Wig Out?